YouTube Demonetization and Censorship

YouTube Demonetization and Censorship victory for YouTubers. Get adverts on your own website videos. Increase ad revenue via self-hosted vids with Ezoic.

Millions of content creators suffer from targeted censorship and YouTube demonetization of their channels without a valid explanation.

This comes along with losing videos containing hours of research and valuable information that may never be seen again.

My formula is cleverly engineered towards censored YouTubers who do not get the recognition they deserve as independent or freelance publishers, video producers, and website owners, who are sick of being defunded by YouTube.

This is information for demonetized YouTuber’s and content creators who are looking for new ways to become independent with a purpose.

This free tutorial will change many people’s ways of thinking and content publishing approach. It will change how audiences view their favourite platforms and how advertisers treat publishers.

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

YouTube Demonetization

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Why You Should Leave YouTube To Get Self-Hosted Video Ads On Your Own Website

If you have been unfairly demonetized or censored by YouTube meaning you have lost income, support base, and potential reach, then stick around because this website is going to teach you about Ezoic ads and the Ezoic video player.

This is a superb Adsense alternative that pays you up to 250% more for visits to your content.

YouTube just got kicked out of bed, the game has changed.

My formula that is in place right now is simple but ground-breaking for small platforms. The process is simple.

YouTube Demonetization – The 5 Steps To Independent Success After Joining Ezoic

  • Upload a video to Ezoic Video Tab
  • Embed the video onto your website post or page, you can also create playlists.
  • Watch the video play adverts that pay much higher rates than YouTube videos.
  • Upload a video to YouTube telling your subs you have a new website-only video.
  • Put YouTube Demonetization and censorship behind you with Ezoic in 2021.


Have you got your own website? Do you make your own videos? If the answer is yes then join Ezoic. You can then allow adverts provided by Ezoic to be placed on your website, and played on your videos, or both.

This earns you 90% of the advert revenue compared to around 58% with Google Adsense.

Another bonus is, we are able to earn around 150-250% more than we do with Google Adsense and that is with videos that play adverts on our own websites via Ezoic who is a Google Partner and the adverts are the same as Google. The good thing is they now pay you like the big platforms. Free from censorship of course.

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